After consolidating its leading position in the execution of facades and curtain walls in the office segment, Alusystem, part of the Bog’Art group, innovates in aluminium carpentry for the residential market. The company has launched a new type of aluminium joinery, for residential projects, which offers premium quality, specific to office buildings, at affordable prices, similar to PVC joinery. About EUR 1 million have been invested so far in the new production line.

Compared to the price of aluminium carpentry, which varies between 180 – 450 euro / sqm + VAT, the new Alusystem product for the residential market has a price of 150-160 euro / sqm + VAT, close to the specific cost of a PVC product. This allows developers who want to build with aluminium joinery to get significant quality advantages without allocating increased budgets in the joinery area.

“In the almost 20 years of existence on the market, we have differentiated ourselves as a company concerned with innovation and continuous development, in order to meet the high construction standards of the clients in the ‘office ’market. The idea of diversifying the portfolio with residential solutions has long been on our list of objectives, and the pandemic was an opportunity to capitalize on it and accelerate implementation plans. Our vision is to offer added value to residential constructions, through facades with a quality and a premium look, without this implying higher costs for the developer and, ultimately, for the final consumer. We estimate that in the first year after launch we will have sales worth approximately 1 million euros” Răzvan Popa, Executive Director of Alusystem, said.

The new residential carpentry product incorporates the know-how and technical experience gained over decades of execution in the office area, with the innovative technologies of recent years, to provide developers in the residential area with premium quality solutions at affordable costs. The product has been tested in testing laboratories, providing the necessary protection in water and wind conditions and benefits from European certification.

Alusystem has a share of about 85% of the market for facades and curtain walls in Romania, and last year recorded a turnover of EUR 24 million, with deliveries of 100,000 square meters of carpentry. The company is part of the Bog’Art group, one of the largest builders in Romania.